Motion Graphics Designer Job Description

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Motion Graphics Designer Job Profile and Description

Motion graphics designer are appointed by various film industry and graphic designing companies where their duty is to use graphics designs in video production or film making through the animation or other film-making techniques. They play a pivotal role in creating special effects in videos and films. They employ their creativity and artistic skills in making moving graphics. With the advent of technology, 3D films and videos are gaining huge popularity these days and the motion graphics designer contributes immensely to the animation industry as well by designing the illusion of 3-D images moving.

Motion Graphics Designer Duties and Responsibilities

The motion graphics designer has to perform the following duties and responsibilities on the work field:

  • Making and creating images and imparting the concept of life in them by creating an illusion of movement.
  • Should perform the duties of designing both 2D and 3D images
  • Along with the creation of images, he needs to accomplish the duty of setting appropriate sound and light.
  • Executing animated images essentially on a video, film strips or gaming system so as to make it functional.
  • Making adequate corrections on the already existing motion graphics so as to improve the quality of visual medium on a video, game or film.
  • Designing visual effects according to the need or demand of the viewers or gamers.
  • Developing new methods for making special effects on the motion graphics.

Motion Graphics Designer Skills and Specifications

To accomplish the above mentioned duties on the work front, a motion graphics designer must have certain skills as follows:

  • Proficiency in handling various software tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro etc
  • Excellent imaginative power and strong sense of creativity
  • Concept of art designing and typography



Motion Graphics Designer Education and Qualifications:

Motion graphics designer must possess certain degrees and qualification to deliver their best at this field. Some of the significant among them are as follows:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Animation, Graphics Designing, Multimedia or Motion Graphics is a basic requirement
  • Professional courses on Film making, video production or 3D modeling is essential
  • On-job experiences on creating moving graphics, animated text, video games and commercial films.

Motion Graphics Designer Salary

The salary of a motion graphics designer depends on the organization with which he is associated to. However, the average salary generally ranges between $20,000 and $60,000 annually.

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