Network Administrator Job Description

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Network Administrator Job profile and description

A network administrator is responsible for setting up, Installing and monitoring networks (LAN and WAN). He performs a wide variety of evaluation, maintenance, installation, and training tasks to ensure the computer network performance meets organization and user satisfaction.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acting as the Situation Manager, to repair and reform unplanned events that adversely affect the network or computing environment.
  • Network administrator supports, Manages, and ensures operating capability of both the LAN and WAN networks both wireless and wired are up for all hours of operation.
  • Ensuring hardware, software, and network upgrades, installs, re-installs, changes and relocations are efficiently completed as required.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining PCs, UNIX workstations, Novell networks, file servers, network cabling and Ethernet networks.
  • Troubleshooting computing systems, networks, and applications to identify malfunctions and correct them as well as other operational difficulties.
  • Investigating, recommending and installing enhancements and operating procedures that regulate network availability.
  • Planning and implementing network security, including setting up firewalls, managing host security, applying cryptography to network applications, and regulating file permissions.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Providing on-the-job training to new division staff and personnel
  • Providing computer orientation to new organization staff

Skill and Knowledge Requirements

  • Position requires at least a College/University diploma
  • Good interpersonal, organizational, management and communication skills

Network Administrator Job Qualification

  • Good Knowledge of a range of networking systems and languages including Novell, UNIX, and VMS
  • Excellent Knowledge of computing and computer network hardware, software and peripheral equipment.
  • Good Knowledge of computer network security systems, procedures, techniques and applications.

Responsibilities often require evening and weekend availability in response to needs of the systems in use.

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