Online Marketing Data Analyst Job Description

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Online Marketing Data Analyst Job Profile and Description

An online marketing data analyst analyses and collects huge amounts of data to evaluate through potential optimizations processes in a marketing platform. They gather relevant information about the market scenario and present it to the higher authorities. This information is used to deliver the products that are the most relevant according to the current market scenario. They conduct research, prepare online marketing databases and responsible for maintaining it.

Online Marketing Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

An online marketing data analyst holds certain important duties and responsibilities. They are:

  • Automation and building up of forecasts and KPI tracking on for the campaigns that are held online
  • Conduction of research on business and provide on its driving
  • Monitoring, optimization and analysis of various offers at a regular basis.
  • Usage of analysis and business judgment to prioritize, identify, detect and solve complex issues on monetization and optimization processes.
  • Help to collaborate with technology to enhance the optimization and tracking of reports, escalation process, automated alerts, business rules etc.
  • Efficient and strong presence on testing, measurement, data mining and marketing data.

Online Marketing Data Analyst Skill and Specifications:

The following skills and specifications are needed to become a successful online Marketing data analyst:

  • Strong analytical skills and excellent demonstrative ability in collection of data and analysis of trends in order to predict the conclusions and recommendations.
  • Should possess the ability to handle multiple tasks and work under a pressured environment.
  • Should have well organizational capabilities and should be responsible enough to deliver projects on time.
  • Should be capable enough to work both individually and in a team. Excellent interpersonal skills are needed for this.
  • Proficient in Computer Applications like Microsoft Office, SQL and MS Excel. The candidate should have adequate experience in writing statements and queries using SQL.
  • Should have working skill on handling Pay-per-click (PPC), e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Marketing Data Analyst Education and Qualifications:

The Education and Qualification required for an Online Marketing Data Analyst have been enumerated below:

  • A graduate degree or Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or Communication
  • Should possess professional degrees in handling marketing tools
  • 2 to 4 years on-hand experience in the field of quantitative marketing analysis programs, client or website performance.

Online Marketing Data Analyst Salary:

The average salary of an online marketing data analyst is $25000- $60000 annually. The annual salary may however be incremented with further negotiation. Even experience and skills of the candidate also determines the amount of salary granted to the candidate.

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