Social Media Intern Job Description

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Social Media Intern Job Profile and Description

A Social media intern is at the initial stage of his career where true passion for working on a social media environment and learning its trends is highly anticipated from the candidate. His job requires high potential of writing talent and efficiency of featuring all the aspects of the social media essentially. Moreover, his duty also involves strong research and investigation of social media websites and creating marketing strategies for the company. However, the job position of a social media intern is on a constant evolution.

Social Media Intern Duties and Responsibilities

The social media intern requires accomplishing the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Monitoring and improving the functionality of social media accounts that is already in existence or creating new as well.
  • Customizing the social media profiles
  • Posting blogs and articles, updating information on profile, monitoring and responding to various posts on different forums, researching on the content that is to be published and creating new content as well.
  • Researching on the competitors’ sites in order to identify their marketing strategies.
  • Searching for a new social media platform that could effectively reach the customer base of his company and can also integrate with their products and services.
  • Implementation of the search engine optimization tools effectively
  • Cataloging, tagging, indexing and writing the content of the social media site to popularize it
  • Performing techniques to optimize the existing content of the site and producing original optimized content for article warehouse sites or blogs

Social Media Intern Skills and Specifications

In order to perform the duties and responsibilities effectively, a social media intern needs to possess the following skills and specifications:

  • Excellent writing skill with proficiency to write every kind of content is highly desirable. Moreover, should have a flair for writing and a strong grammatical skill.
  • Ability to focus on every matter in detail
  • Proficiency in handling online networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, My space, Twitter, Google etc.
  • Computer skill for working in Microsoft office is necessary
  • Ability to work in multi-tasking environment and potential of capitalizing the traffic opportunities
  • Good communication skills

Social Media Intern Education and Qualifications:

It is important that the social media intern gets associated with well-established company for accomplishing their internship course. However, they should at least possess following degrees.

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in Media Science, Communication, Advertising or Marketing.
  • A diploma course in Social Media Marketing from good institute
  • Masters degree in Media Science or Social Media Marketing is optional

Social Media Intern Salary

Social media intern generally gets a stipend between $2200 -$4000 monthly depending on the company with which they are working.

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