Software Developer Job Description

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Software Developer Job Profile and Description

The software developer is actually the brain involved behind the development, design, installation and maintenance and testing of the various software systems. They hold an important role in moving forward the business to more glorious levels by providing better and updated services in terms of development of software and techniques. They work “off the shell software” and modify and integrate it into the existing system. They review the current systems and presents ideas for its improvements. They also design cost-effective proposals for more improvements.

Software Developer Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a software developer include the following:

  • Perform an end to end software development life cycle (SDLC) projects and activities.
  • Translation of technical development and specification for testing development of bugging/ debugging, User Acceptance Test (UAT), documentation, system administration to an overall new functionality integration.
  • Planning and supervising projects
  • Simulation and modeling of software
  • Analysis and Object Oriented Design
  • Testing the software and assuring its quality
  • Implement the localization or globalization of the software as per the market needs.
  • Performance tuning, balancing, improvement, automation and usability.

Software Developer Skills and Specifications:

A successful Software Developer must definitely possess certain obvious skills and specifications as stated underneath:

  • Must be highly proficient in computer hardware and software knowledge.
  • Should have excellent team working skills
  • Should have enough knowledge of dealing with clients and meeting their IT requirements
  • Strong knowledge of various software programming and ability of learning new things.

Software Developer Education and Qualifications:

The software developer must possess the following requisite educational qualifications:

  • A Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications or any such related subject.
  • The candidate must be a certified developer or should possess an equivalent experience in the industry.
  • Should have ample experience in working with the major computer languages like JAVA, Windows.NET/C# or PHP.
  • Can also possess a MCA degree
  • The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates that the competent software developer must possess a certification from a renowned or accredited institute. Some companies even ask for certification in the particular products before the software developer can join the firm.

Software Developer Salary:

Average salary of a software developer depends upon the superiority of the post, knowledge and years of experience. A software developer on the mid way of his career gets salary around $1,00,000 per annum.

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