Software Test Analyst Job Description

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Software Test Analyst Job Profile and Description

Software Industry is turning out to be a booming industry in present days and software test analyst is an individual who is in charge for testing the quality and performance of a newly developed software and analyzing its development details to report about its functionality to the upper management prior releasing it in the market. However, such kind of test can also be performed on existing software products in order to upgrade their use. Through deeper knowledge and analytical skill in the field of software testing, such kind of individuals is expected to incorporate their testing methodologies strategically.

Software Test Analyst Duties and Responsibilities:

A software test analyst is expected to perform following duties and responsibilities in order to achieve utmost proficiency in this field:

  • Participating for defining the approach of software testing
  • From business requirements and functional specifications, extracting the software testing requirements.
  • Noting down the test plans after using the software product
  • Producing the artifacts for creating a support to the test data and test matrices/ scripts and other testing activities.
  • Accountable for performing context driven and structured integration and regression software testing.
  • Configuring and setting up test environments and managing it effectively
  • To document and record test cases and defects, using test case management system and internal defect tracker.
  • Consult and deliver analytical solutions to the client regarding the software product
  • Assisting subject matter experts with the user acceptance test.

Software Test Analyst Skills and Specifications:

A software test analyst should essentially possess some significant skills and specifications in order to deliver high performance in the job. Some of them are as follows:

  • Strong analytical skills and ability of designing various software test plans.
  • Should have the potential to work in diverse work environment and ability to do multi-tasking
  • Must have excellent communication skills both verbal and written along with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Must have the capability to navigate and perform through various challenges with a positive approach.

Software Test Analyst Education and Qualifications:

Software test analyst must acquire certain education and qualifications to excel in the particular job. These are as follows.

  • At least a Bachelor of Engineering- Computer Science, Software Development and Testing
  • Professional degree courses in handling automation tools like, Quick Test Pro
  • On-hand testing experiences of 5-6 years

Software Test Analyst Salary:

The average pay scale of a software test analyst generally ranges between $50,000 and $125,000 per annum.

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