Apparel Industry Job Profile and Description

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The apparel industry is related to making of clothes and product’s that includes men’s, women’s and children’s sleepwear, bathing suits, undergarments, outerwear, hats, furs, hosiery, and many such similar kinds of products. This industry is also based in the making of products like table and bed lines, tents, curtains, tents, and other goods made up of cloth. Numerous small firms and large companies make up the apparel industry. However, not more than twenty workers are employed for most of the firms and all of them are assigned with different kind of jobs. While some specialise in making expensive evening dresses, others are involved in the production of inexpensive sports shirt. This industry also deals with the manufacturing of cloth linings.

Apparel Industry Duties and Responsibilities:

The kinds of garments produced by the apparel industry along with the technique employed in each case differ and hence the work duties and responsibilities also differ from place to place. However, every industry holds some common duties which have been enumerated below:

  • Creation of new styles and trends along with the update of exiting styles.
  • Sketching designs by hand and working directly with fabric.
  • Managing and taking care of the production cost.
  • Preparing clothes for sewing, cutting and modification.
  • Sewing machine operators constitute the worker groups in the industry. Heavy duty sewing machines are been operated by them.
  • Inspection of the readymade garments and repairing if any kind of flaws is checked into.
  • Planning the marketing and exposure and advertisement of the new clothes that are been in the market.
  • Designing strategies for grabbing the market and making the target customers satisfied.
  • Versatility and Creativity are the most important skills needed to be successful in the apparel industry.
  • Should have the ability to work as a team since most of the works in this industry needs a good team work.
  • Efficient in sewing and cutting of cloths.
  • Strong communication skills and should have good experience in the apparel industry

Apparel Industry Skills and Specifications:

Apparel Industry Educational Qualifications:

Since the variation of the kind of work one does differ, the educational qualifications that are the requisite for this industry also differs.

  • Production workers generally do not need to have any particular kind of educational qualification. They usually undergo a training wherein they are taught the basics of stitching and knitting.
  • A high school degree or a graduate confirms the chances of getting a job in this industry as well getting into higher positions.
  • A specialized degree on related field is a must for those wanting to pursue their career as a fashion designer.

Apparel Industry Salary:

The apparel industry is indeed a huge industry and the salaries also vary as per the skills, education and position of the worker. The salary varies from $30,903 per annum to about $65,247 per annum as per the position held.

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