Purchasing Agent Job Profile and Description

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A purchasing agent is responsible for the purchasing activities and procurement on the projects assigned to him. They coordinate the activities involved with the dealing of goods and services. This includes the raw materials, parts, tools, equipments and advertising for establishment. They specify and prepare inquiries for purchasing and invoice auditing for the equipment that is manufactured as well as the bulk materials.

Purchasing Agent Duties and Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of a purchasing agent include:

  • Supporting the engineers and estimators on estimate preparation.
  • Implementing new strategies and professionals services, contacts for construction and other services.
  • Ensuring that the procedures regarding the administration are followed and executed professionally.
  • Supporting and guiding Project Managers, engineer personnel, and construction managers on the administration, formation and implementation of the procedure related to contracts.
  • Managing budgets and shipping
  • Communicating with the clients, vendors and technicians.
  • Directing the producers on the quality and quantity of the products produced and also augmenting the productions.
  • Keeping track of the business records including the purchases and sales.
  • Conferring and bargaining with the sellers and manufacturers.

Purchasing Agent Skills and Specifications:

The following skills and specifications are a must for a purchasing agent:

  • Must be familiar with drawings and MS Excel.
  • Experience in refinery engineering is desirable
  • Must have ample experience in working with multi disciplinary projects.
  • Must have clear concept of mathematics in general and purchases in particular.
  • Maintenance of the supplies needed
  • The candidate must have excellent communication skills and his public relations must be noteworthy.

Purchasing Agent Educational Qualifications:

The minimum educational requirement needed for the candidature of a purchasing agent includes:

  • A high school degree
  • A graduate or equivalent degree with business administration as the major.
  • Some reputed corporations even demand for a Masters degree.
  • Must bear at least some experience in dealing with the purchase of technical services and equipment.
  • Certificates and specialisation in the related field are also acceptable.

Purchasing Agent Salary:

The salary of a purchasing agent differs according to the experience and the size of the company he is working for. According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average salary of a purchasing agent should be in the range of $39000 to about $66000. The salary also depends on the skill and expertise of the candidate and as decided by the concerned firm he is working for.

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