Definition of Job Description

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Definition of Job Description

Job description can be outlined as the clear, concisely and clearly communicating statements from an organization to its applicants for any openings for a job position.

The job description states the nature of work, tasks to be done, skills expected, responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled, educational eligibility, qualifications needed and other specifications related with the applying for the position of the job. These job descriptions catch the main attention from the applicants of the job, since its throws out the insights on the internal working conditions of the employee. So, these job descriptions must be specified clearly in an understandable and standard way.

The purpose of job description is to choose the correct and the best candidates from among all the applicants suitable for the profile. The job descriptions may not serve their actual purpose if they are not well formed, organized and up-to-date. The other purposes of job descriptions are they help in evaluating the performance of the employee, making the staff commit themselves to the assigned duties and improve their skills.

Even though, some of the applicants may not be selected to the position, they have the chance and opportunity to develop themselves in the technical and personal areas, where they lack and can make themselves eligible for the job in future.

The other details that a good job description must clearly mention are details of the working environment and the work timings, remuneration and compensation details, its staff and brief information about the organization and its management and its established mission, objectives and goals.

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