How to Make a Job Description

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How to Make a Job Description?

When an organization announces a job vacancy, they give an advertisement in media to recruit a candidate for specific job position, there may be many candidates challenging with one another for applying for the position. Then there has to be certain kind of selection criterion to judge applicants and select the most suitable candidate for the position. That is where the job descriptions play a role in filtering the applicants. Therefore, the organization management assigns the job of writing the job descriptions to a qualified group of professionals in consultation with the Personnel division.

Job descriptions give a brief description of important functions and expectations of particular job position to a potential employee. The writing of job specification needs very good analysis before writing out the particular specifics of a job profile.

1.       Defining the role in brief. Name of the job position for which the organization intends to recruit.

2.       Describing the duties and responsibilities in detail. Jot down everything the applicant should know like what tasks he need to execute, things he is responsible for, reporting nature and so on.

3.       Including skills and specifications. List out the qualities the company wants in the potential employee, and how they relate to it as a whole.

  1. Defining eligibility criteria. List the minimum educational qualification required for the job.

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