Job Titles

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Job Titles

Humans are identified and referred with their names. They may also have alias names, to refer them, even though only the original name of theirs find officially apt. Even family surnames joined along with the name of the person, helps in identifying his/her descendants and his/her family history.

The same is true with the name or the title of the job. Job titles are very significant for the organization, employees as well as job seekers, and applicants. The Job Titles should be named such that the title itself reveals what the job is all about and its value. It is why a good job description should always carry a good and clearly understandable job titles.

The importance of job title can be evident with the titles forming the hierarchy in the organization with titles in the higher part of the hierarchy authoritative and commanding over the lower part of the hierarchy. The higher part of the title hierarchy belongs to managerial, supervisory people like CEO, Managing Director etc. When one comes across people designated as CEO, we immediately know they hold the highest authoritative and senior position in the organization. So, the job titles should be named uniformly across all the companies and organizations all over the globe.

In addition, the job titles are in way related with appraisal and promotion policies. An enhancement in the job title to a higher level denotes the person has been well performing and deserves to be rewarded. Thus the job titles should be named clearly, unambiguously and to reflect its respective job activities.

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