Writing Job Descriptions

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Writing Job Descriptions

Keeping in view the core importance and the use of job descriptions in finding the right, skilled and high performing staffs for an association, the writing of job descriptions should be done intelligently and with clear, concisely simple written statements that effectively states the requirements and the expectations of the association for a particular job profile.

The writing format of the job description should be written in a standard format as no confusion or misinterpretation is caused to the applicants. Therefore, the association management assigns the job of writing the job descriptions to a qualified group of professionals in consultation with the personnel division.

The standard format of the job description should cover the following details effectively:

  • Job title – the name of the job position for which the association intends to hire.
  • Job profile and description – the nature of the job, the expected tasks, roles of the job has to be covered in detail.
  • Duties and responsibilities – the expected functions and the role needed for performing the job, and the responsibilities that should be fulfilled to achieve the objectives of the association.
  • Skills and specifications – the skills, abilities, qualities needed in the staff to work better and efficiently in the profile and must sort out any difficulties that may arise out of the job on their own.
  • Education and qualifications – this category must say about the minimum educational qualifications needed to make one eligible for the job category as well as should specify the other qualifications, training , certifications and experience needed for applying for the job opening.

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