Crime Scene Investigator Job Description

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Crime Scene Investigator Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a Crime Scene Investigator requires a person to perform criminal investigation at a crime scene using a systematic approach. They assess crime scenes through different equipments. Their main job is to collect, protect, and transport the evidence(s) for scientific assessment and assessment. Their report is based on the observances and investigation activities at crime scene.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Performing different technical criminal investigation activities at crime scenes
  • Taking pictures, collecting and protecting evidences, and hen reviewing, organizing, and finding out the accuracy of obtained fingerprints and tracing evidence.
  • Organizing reports of investigation and confirming in court
  • Developing films of accident scenes and crime scenes.
  • Keeping crime scene equipment and photography lab equipment.
  • Measuring & categorizing fingerprint cards, and entering data into computer
  • Processing evidence for prints by assessing items, treating them with chemicals and. developing a report.
  • Keeping files of recovered prints.
  • Drawing accident scenes diagrams and crime scenes for the assortment, protection, and records of evidence.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Good knowledge of recognition and photographic techniques.
  • Be able to examine latent fingerprints.
  • Be able to follow written and verbal instructions efficiently
  • Be able to tackle tiring situations.
  • Be bale to keep privacy and confidentiality for evidences etc.
  • Be bale to meet tough deadlines.
  • Be able to use equipment and tools in investigation procedures
  • Must be in a healthy physical condition

Education and Qualifications –

  • A High school diploma in Crime Scene Investigation
  • A Degree in Crime Scene Investigation related field

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