Attorney General Job Description

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Attorney General Job Profile and Description


An Attorney general is a government officer who works in the capacity of the head of the justice department and legal issues department. This position is also known as ‘Chief Law Enforcement Officer’ who has all the powers to direct officers for their respective works.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Providing legal instructions as per the requirements and law suits.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating documents for procurement & real estate review documents.
  • Defending tax collections and outlining rules and legislations.
  • Prosecuting matters related to civil commitment in superior District court.
  • Conducting & assessing criminal investigation state related frauds and district level issues.
  • Serving as a legal district counselor in terms of financial and bond transactions.
  • Ensuring enforcement of district regulatory laws.
  • Presenting special acts for backward classes, child abuse, labor and for neglected classes etc-etc..

Skills and Specifications –

  • Has complete knowledge of job duties attached to this position – to protect legislation acts and establish new laws according to the requirements
  • Be able to classify, convince and execute new law acts for the interests of backward classes and children.
  • Should be aware of all predefined instructions and conditions to instruct prosecuting officers.
  • Be able to review a previous act for revising and drafting a new legal act.
  • Be able to correspond with concerned appointments and legal officers for discussing civil rights and to protect predefined law suits.

Education and Qualification –


A Bachelor’s degree in law is the minimum requirement. Also, post graduation or Doctorate in law is required.

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