Community Lawyer Job Description

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Community Lawyer Job Profile and Description


The profession of lawyer promises high income when you practice privately with a business. However, a Community lawyer works with no intention to gain anything from their practice, they offer their services free of cost. They work to bring good changes in the society. Their main objective is to serve the community. A Community lawyer works under the government.

Community Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Counseling clients, understanding rules, calculating possible outcomes by learning the legal precedents.
  • Conducting researches and acquiring information to establish a case.
  • Getting updates about the changes in trends, patterns and methods in law.
  • Expanding strategies and inspecting the findings
  • Advocating laws & practices that help bring good changes in community.
  • Educating public about laws, encouraging them to stand against the wrong activities and people in the community.

Community Lawyer Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have complete knowledge about the laws serving the community.
  • Be able to advice and guide people efficiently.
  • Be able to convince people
  • Be able to discuss matters
  • Should have strong grip over public speaking methods.
  • Should have great analytical skills.
  • Should have excellent observational skills.

Community Lawyer Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in law and courses like history, economics, political science, and social science is necessary.
  • Having past work experience in community related cases under senior lawyers is a plus

Community Lawyer Salary –

The salary of a Community lawyers is about $94,930 per annum.

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