Court Reporter Job Description

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Court Reporter Job Profile and Description

A ‘Court Reporter’ is required to record verbatim proceedings of a court, legislative assemblies & other events. They are responsible for recording, transcribing, and storing and maintaining information in paper and digital form.


A Court reporter works in courts, law offices, and government agencies. In the recent times, there has been a high growth in this profession because there is a growing need for closed-captioning and translating services for the hearing impaired people.


Court Reporter Duties and Responsibilities –


  • Being responsible for recording and transcribing accurate communications
  • Being responsible for storing, retrieving recordings
  • Providing clerical support to judicial officials
  • Using different methods to record court proceedings like stenography, voice writing, and electronic reporting etc.
  • Assisting judges and trial attorneys prepare and search information in the record database of court.
  • Providing closed-captioning and real-time translating services for deaf people
  • Monitoring the proceeding with side remarks
  • After documenting proceedings, editing computer-generated translation

Court Reporter Skills and Specifications –

  • Good knowledge of stenographic devices
  • Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills

Court Reporter Education and Qualification –

  • A diploma course as a ‘Verbatim Reporter’ is the minimum requirement
  • It is required to pass state licensure exams, and some states may require passing the ‘Certified Court Reporter’ exam from board examiners.

Court Reporter Salary –

The average annual salary of Court reporters is $49,800.

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