Crime Laboratory Technician Job Description

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Crime Laboratory Technician Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a ‘Crime Laboratory Technician’ requires a person to work at the laboratory of a crime investigation agency – he/she tests the practical significance of evidence(s) found at a crime or accident scene. They use scientific tools and techniques to perform investigative processes using chemicals, metals etc. They hand over their detailed reports to policemen, doctor, handwriting analyst, ballistic specialist, metallurgical expert and other trained professionals. The report submitted by a crime lab technician helps confirm a criminal’s crime or innocence of a wrongly accused person. So, this is a very responsible job – it requires close observation and handling various evidential items like weapons & body remnants etc. They have to follow all the necessary safety measures.

Crime Laboratory Technician Duties and Responsibilities –

  • To look after the laboratory items and machines
  • To collect and protect evidences found at accident or crime scene
  • To test, analyze and measure evidences like clothes, bullets, body fluids and tissues, notes, fingerprints, pictures etc-etc.
  • To find links between evidences and criminal episodes
  • Making report after analysis and to maintain record of the investigations and results
  • Understanding the results and confirming them by going through victim’s history
  • To appear in court as and when required to give evidence in a criminal case

Crime Laboratory Technician Skills and Specifications –

  • Comprehensive knowledge and reflexive ability to use different equipments like microscope, X-ray machine, radioactive substance, polygraph, spectrograph, and camera etc-etc.
  •  Strong observation skills and detail oriented for finding answers in a criminal case
  • Knowledge of basic computers for analysis and interpretation
  • Computational skills for fast calculation
  • Analysis and logical skills

Crime Laboratory Technician Education and Qualifications –

  • Bachelor degree in Forensic Science or Crime Technology
  • Distance course in legal science
  • Certificate of the state civil service examination

Crime Laboratory Technician Salary –

The salary for the position of crime laboratory technician is $56,000

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