Criminal Law Paralegal Job Description

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Criminal Law Paralegal Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a Criminal Law Paralegal requires a person to work with criminal lawyers in legal firms to assist them in different types of tasks. They can in fact, do all a criminal lawyer does, except fighting a case and giving legal counsel.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Working on criminal cases in a legal firm
  • Researching for cases
  • Performing interviews of witnesses, preparing evidence for trials, organizing different types of documents and assisting criminal lawyer
  • Performing different kinds of secretarial tasks – phone calls, entering data on the computer and keeping track of important paperwork etc.
  • Performing other required administrative tasks

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have effectual communication skills
  • Should have good writing skills as they are required to perform extensive legal research.
  • Should be proficient in legal research databases like – Lexis / Nexis and Westlaw etc.
  • Should be well-versed with technological skills
  • Should be a team player and open for working long hours and under difficult situations
  • Should have good observation abilities

Education and Qualifications –

A Bachelor’s degree in any stream with a paralegal certificate is required to become a Criminal Law Paralegal.

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