Defence Attorney Job Description

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Defence Attorney Job Profile and Description

A ‘Defence Attorney’ is required to defend a person accused of crime. They are also known as ‘Defence Consul, hired directly by an accused. They represent accused in court during legal proceedings and defend  then from legal punishments by having an argument in court & submitting supportive evidences

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Be focused on crime committed by an accused – getting all information by questing him/her
  • Preparing notes, assessing past records of accused and gather evidences to support case in their favor.
  • Interacting with witnesses and recording their statement and presenting them to court before the hearing.
  • Handling rotational hearings and get suitable dates and time for next hearing.
  • Arrange logical statements through right law terms and defense law suits to protect an accused.
  • Contacting police to confirm the FIR and review statements follow-ups of witnesses
  • Communicating with law clerk and discuss case with other attorneys.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be able to understand the crime and manner of crime and weapons, if used by a criminal.
  • Should have good knowledge of codes of conduct and law suits for punishment.
  • Should have knowledge about criminal profiling for understanding causes – be able to associate them with self-protection codes.
  • Should be able to intake duties from jury and court.
  • Should have good communication skills.

Education and Qualification –

A Defence Attorney must have a Bachelors degree in law from a reputed law school with a minimum five years of law practice experience.

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