Detective Job Description

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Detective Job Profile and Description

A Detective is required to investigate, solve and also avoid crimes against people and property. Detectives may work for the government or businesses. Detectives are allowed to use weapons, tools & techniques for solving criminal cases.

Detectives working for the police department generally work in civilian to hide their identity so that they face minimal difficulties for gathering information and helping police arrest criminals. Private detectives do not have a right to arrest criminals; businesses hire private detectives for getting required information for trials in court and fraud investigations.

Detective Job Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Performing background checks and providing observation
  • Helping people search for  missing ones
  • Finding & collecting evidences of fraud, especially for insurance companies.
  • Performing investigations for criminal cases, identifying evidences and suspects, detaining and locating the criminals
  • Validating search warrant to conduct a search
  • Interrogating witnesses
  • Developing a theory based on the available evidences in a case.

Detective Job Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have high level of IQ – a prime requisite in this profession
  • Must be efficient enough and have knowledge of required skills in this profession
  • Must know how to recognize fingerprints, take samples, use firearms, and prepare reports on findings.
  • Must have good analytical abilities with good judgment skills
  • Must have knowledge of Cr.PC and IPC.

Detective Job Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement or criminal justice
  • Completed professional training from detective schools

Detective Job Salary –

The average salary for the position of a detective depends on the place one works at –   generally it is $58,470 annually.

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