Divorce & Family Lawyer Job Description

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Divorce & Family Lawyer Job Profile and Description

Divorce and Family Lawyers are attorneys who have expertise in handling divorce cases and family related problems. This job profile also involves dividing marital assets between two parties and ranging child custody. Hey are like mediators who assist both parties unbiased.


Divorce & Family Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities –

  • To safeguard rights of clients and make legal recommendations for client’s interests
  • Advising the clients, help them understand different rules and guiding them about the possible outcomes in a case
  • Making various strategies and examining the findings.
  • Conducting researches and acquiring information to set up a case.
  • To negotiate with other lawyers to settle pending issues.
  • Performing draft alimony, custody agreements and filing out the file motions for clients.
  • Taking proceedings when both the parties fall short of reaching any satisfying arrangement.

Divorce & Family Lawyer Skills and Specifications –

  • Strong knowledge about the rules in divorce and family issues
  • Be bale to advice and counsel clients
  • Have persuasiveness
  • Be able to negotiate well
  • Have strong grip over speech-making
  • Good analytical and observational skills with good memory

Divorce & Family Lawyer Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s law degree with courses like history, political science, economics, and social science is highly necessary
  • Past law practice experience under senior lawyers

Divorce & Family Lawyer Salary –

The average salary for this position is $110,590 per annum.

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