Family Law Attorney Job Description

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Family law attorney job description and profile

A ‘Family Law Attorney’ is required to manage different kinds of matters related to family problems like divorces, settlements and child custody etc. There is a high demand for people in this profession as the number of divorce cases is rising at a fast rate in the country.

A Family attorney provides counseling to families for help them avoid a divorce and save their family. They also work for protecting inheritance rights, surrogate parenting, domestic violence, same-sex marriages and parenthood cases.

Family law attorney job duties and responsibilities –

  • Providing counseling to families and help them resolve their issues without having a divorce
  • Filing a divorce case when no other option is left, and handling all related matters like legal settlements, custody of child and child visiting rights etc-etc.
  • Making legal settlements and defensive the children rights who are subject to ignorance, mistreatment or illegal labor
  • Drafting surrogacy legal documents
  • Fighting lawsuits in cases like property settlements, bequest, parenthood claims and child support
  • Filing appeals in court if a case is lost
  • Examining cases and finding out the truth of the matter
  • Making legal agreements in adoption cases

Family law attorney skills and specifications –

  • Comprehensive knowledge in family laws like as child rights, divorce laws, bequest, protection, prenuptials and other subjects
  • Good knowledge for case proceedings and procedures
  • Excellent watching, analysis and problem solving abilities
  • Must have keen interest in saving families from breakup and work honestly and with all efforts to help families resolve differences and reunite
  • Excellent conciliation and communication skills
  • Be able to work long hours

Family law attorney education and qualification –

  • A Bachelor’s law degree from a certified institution with specialty in family law

Family law attorney salary –

  • The salary of family law attorney is between $40,000 and $1,000,000 per year

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