Legal and Secretarial Officer Job Description

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Legal and secretarial officer job description and profile

This job profile involves performing legal and secretarial functions. A legal and secretarial officer needs to make sure that all the legal documents are organized in a confidential manner. They follow instructions of their superior legal officers, set up appointments and arrange legal meetings between the organization and the partners, other companies and banks etc.

Legal and secretarial officer duties and responsibilities –

  • Updating the legal documents regularly and recording them as per the instructions from higher officials
  • May need to visit police stations, court houses or other companies for meetings and getting the required information for their organization
  • Contacting legal secretaries of other companies and scheduling appointments for legal meetings
  • Bring present at meetings to take important notes about the events
  • Arranging tax forms and filing returns for organization
  • Performing various secretarial duties like arranging suitable forms, getting drafts of agreements printed, making copies and other such duties related to all legal matters
  • Drafting letters and summons when required
  • Managing the operation and performance of legal secretaries of the organization

Legal and secretarial officer skills and specifications –

  • Strong knowledge about legal aspects of an organization
  • Be able to work fast and with high efficiency
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent watching and analysis skills
  • Must be able to understand and follow instructions exactly
  • Must be able to work overtime when required
  • Must be able to keep privacy about legal matters
  • Good administration skills
  • Must be well organized and careful in work
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Good in clerical tasks with knowledge of basic computers

Legal and secretarial officer education and qualification –

  • A Masters degree with a legal secretary course. Work experience as legal secretary for at least 5 years is required to work as a legal and secretarial officer

Legal and secretarial officer salary –

  • The average salary for this position is about $40,000 per year

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