Legal Counsel Director Job Description

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Legal counsel director job description and profile

The ‘Legal Counsel Director’ job requires providing legal advices about wide range of legal matters. Every legal decision is made after consultation with a legal counsel director.


Legal counsel director duties and responsibilities –

  • Ensuring compliance with the legal rules & regulations for all operations of an organization
  • Managing all legal maters to avoid any possible legal problem
  • Working with fellow staff to make final decisions about different company transactions
  • Giving inputs on policy making and decision making activities
  • Reviewing all press release, commercials and publicity campaigns for avoiding legal repercussions
  • Presenting the organization in high level executive meetings
  • Providing expert legal advice and opinions for various matters
  • Participating in staff recruitment
  • Performing various activities like solving labor union issues, strikes, copyrights and patents and tax issues etc.

Legal counsel director skills and specifications –

  • Strong knowledge about law, legal and courtroom measures
  • Capability to picture future of the organization for providing useful and efficient counsel
  • Excellent observation and logical skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Must be able to influence and direct the organization for improvement and keep it safe from legal litigations
  • Must be able to set priorities for different legal aspects  for solving them efficiently
  • Must be able to keep track of different activities in an organization
  • Excellent communication, negotiation skills & management skills

Legal counsel director education and qualification –

  • A Bachelors Law degree from an accredited law institute
  • Work experience of at least 10 to 15 years in handling legal matters

Legal counsel director salary –

  • The salary of a Legal counsel Director ranges from $150,000 to $240,000.

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