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Legal officer job description and profile


A ‘Legal Officer’ is required to handle various legal aspects of an organization – from fighting lawsuits to managing tax issues. Performing conveyancing  –   purchases, sales, leases, rental agreements, easements and licenses. It includes notice preparation under the property-owner and renter legislation, performing legal research, preparing reports etc-etc.

They work to ensure the legal protection of all the operations of an organization. They handle legal work related to property. They advice and guide the company officials on how to avoid legal problems, they ensure the legal compliance of all activities of an organization. A legal officer reports to the Legal manager or Chief Legal officer.

Legal officer duties and responsibilities –

  • Reading and understanding the contracts & agreements of the company to correct the possible problems
  • Providing inputs to form business deals and contracts
  • Preparing reports, letters and, agreements
  • Performing investigations on the litigation causes, collecting evidences to present in the court and, arranging the groundwork to fight a case
  • Ensuring the compliance and renewals of all the licenses, contracts, agreements and permits of the organization
  • Handling tax issues
  • Managing the legal implications of new projects of the company
  • Protecting the company from all legal litigations
  • Training entry level legal officers and junior staff in company law procedures
  • Documenting all legal documents for maintaining the confidentiality

Legal officer skills and specifications –


  • Excellent knowledge about all types of legal matters related to the operations of an organization
  • Excellent logical and examination skills
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  • Excellent decision making abilities
  • Excellent analysis capabilities
  • Be able to work long hours

Legal officer education and qualification –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in law followed by certification
  • Internship work experience under senior lawyers is required

Legal officer salary –

  • The average salary of legal officers ranges from $120,000 to $180,000.

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