Public Defender Job Description

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Public Defender Job Profile and Description


When a person is involved in a legal case and has no funds to hire the services of a lawyer, they are offered help by court in the form of a ‘Public Defender’ that represents their case.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Defending client’s case and handling related matters
  • Directing the staff to provide justice to the underprivileged people and accused of crime.
  • Interrogating clients.
  • Conducting interviews for the public defender’s office.
  • Improving the working procedures regularly
  • Meeting clients and explaining case proceedings to their family members
  • Managing and interrogating eyewitnesses.
  • Planning strategies for defending clients.
  • Examining initial hearings for the case.
  • Managing legal documents of suits and trials.
  • Being responsible to serve their position dedicatedly

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be able to work efficiently on different cases at a time.
  • Should be able to accept challenges
  • Should have good communication skills for providing counseling to people
  • Be able to handle staff
  • Be ale to multitask
  • Should be open to work long hours
  • Should be a good observer.

Education and qualifications –

This position requires a Masters degree in law.

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