Volunteer Legal Intern Job Description

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Volunteer legal intern job description and profile

The job profile of a ‘Volunteer Intern’ involves assisting lawyers and attorneys for different kinds of operations and functions. Students from law background take up voluntary job training for gaining important knowledge and honing skills in a particular area of law like civil law, family law or criminal law. An intern has to follow orders of their seniors and escort them to courts and conferences when required. Interns are generally assigned to law officer assistants or associate law officers.

Volunteer legal intern duties and responsibilities –

  • Helping senior lawyers for different types of legal activities
  • Following orders of seniors and completing assignments in time
  • Understanding different law aspects and implementing them in work
  • Preparing reports, proofreading letters & documents
  • Perform certain clerical functions like obtaining forms and making copies
  • Escorting lawyers to courts and assisting in many court functions
  • Escorting lawyers to different places like other companies, government offices and, conferences
  • Assisting lawyers for drafting legal documents
  • Attending phone calls for the lawyers and noting down important information
  • Researching cases with given instructions

Volunteer legal intern skills and specifications –

  • Should have excellent communication skills
  • Should have excellent observation abilities
  • Should be able to learn and bear in mind different aspects of law work
  • Should have good knowledge about law and legal procedures
  • Should be able to follow orders exactly
  • Must be a good team player and well organized
  • Should have a zeal to learn

Volunteer legal intern education and qualification –

  • A Bachelor’s law degree from an accredited and recognized institute is required.

Volunteer legal intern salary –

  • The average annual for this position ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per annum.

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