Apartment Maintenance Job Description

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Apartment Maintenance Job Profile and Description

A big building with many floors is generally called as an apartment. There are many people live in an apartment and there are many things present in an apartment like cooling system, electrical system, heating system, elevators, escalators and many more. These things, which are present in apartment needs maintenance and apart from that there are some common maintenance like coloring, cleaning and many more also need to be done. That is why, generally there are many people deployed in every apartment to do the maintenance work.

Apartment Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • If you are posted in an apartment as a maintenance executive, then you have to maintain the particular thing, which is assigned to you.
  • If there is any problem arises in the thing, which is assigned to you, then you have to solve that problem and have to make sure that the thing is in right condition.

Apartment Maintenance Skills and Specifications

  • In order to get a job of apartment maintenance, you must possess skills in maintaining an apartment.
  • You have to be very much punctual as very important person live in an apartment and they don’t tolerate any kind of lapse in punctuality.

Apartment Maintenance Education and Qualification

  • There are many people generally deployed in an apartment in maintenance department, in different designations and the qualification required for different post is very much different from one to other.
  • If you will go for the technical maintenance job, then you must possess a technical degree, but if you are going for non-technical maintenance, then your educational qualification does not matter a lot.

Apartment Maintenance Job Salary

If you have past experience in this kind of job then you will get a good salary; otherwise, you have to wait. The salary range is $3500-$5500 monthly.

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