Auto Body Repair Job Description

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Auto Body Repair Job Profile and Description

Auto body repair workers are the individuals who are responsible for repairing the automobile vehicles damaged due to road accidents or by any other means. These workers are employed in various automobile industries and are assigned with different auto body repairing related jobs. Auto body repair shops are mainly the most common employers of such workers who are reached out by the clients for repairing the exterior and interior structure of their vehicle. Even, the auto body repair workers are also required by various shops to reimburse sold vehicles for resale.

Auto Body Repair Duties and Responsibilities

Auto body repair workers have variety of duties and responsibilities to fulfill on the work front. Some of the noteworthy among them are as enlisted:

  • Determining the position of exact damage area and restoring it according to the need.
  • Estimate the budget of the client and recommending such repairing programs that could be afforded by them
  • Preparing the list of all the vehicle parts that are needed to be replaced or repaired for proper functioning.
  • Performing efficient duties of reconstructing the exterior and interior framework of the vehicles which are badly damaged or sold out to a particular automobile shop for resale.
  • Delivering prompt services on or before deadline
  • Must reach at the places where there is a sudden breakdown of the vehicle.

Auto Body Repair Skills and Specifications

Auto body repair workers must possess certain skills and specifications in order to accomplish their duties and responsibilities extensively. These are as follows:

  • Ability to communicate with the vendors and clients easily
  • Excellent skill of client servicing
  • Ready for providing service any time within a day
  • Extensive knowledge about various hand tools that is required for the repairing purpose.

Auto Body Repair Education and Qualifications

Formal education does not play an essential role in securing a job position of auto body repair. Rather, professional training courses and on-job experiences help to give a competitive edge to the concern individual. Therefore one must possess certain education and qualifications, as follows:

  • High school degree or GED to understand the basic knitty-gritty of the job
  • Professional course of automotive technician
  • On-job experiences of automobile servicing

Auto Body Repair Salary:

Auto body repair workers generally get wages on hourly basis. Experienced workers get around $16-$20 per hour and entry level workers get $11-$15 per hour approximately.

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