Auto Shop Service Manager Job Description

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Auto Shop Service Manager Job Profile and Description

The auto shop service manager is the one who is responsible for managing the services that is being provided by an automobile shop. He Must have thorough knowledge of the vehicle’s accessories, repair of its parts and kind of services generally provided by the particular auto shop. As a service manager, he has to deal with the clients and clients effectively by keeping in mind the interest of his business. He checks the updates of the shop and supervises the staffs working under him. He checks whether the operations of the shop are performed well or not.

Auto Shop Service Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The most important duties and responsibilities of an auto shop service manager are:

  • The prime duty of the auto shop service manager includes the handling of clients with his clients.
  • Suggesting vehicle servicing plans to the clients according to the need
  • Inspecting the job carried over by the workers
  • Managing and ensuring supply of materials and parts required for servicing any damaged vehicle
  • Responsible for managing various other service related work of the auto shop
  • Taking care of the cleanliness and discipline of the shop.
  • Ensuring utmost safety measures of all the workers on the job front


Auto Shop Service Manager Skills and Specifications

The following skills and specifications are required for been an efficient auto shop service manager

  • Must possess excellent supervisory and managerial skills.
  • Proficient in technical skills and Must have ample knowledge of the technicalities related to the servicing of automobiles.
  • Must be expert in Mathematics in order to calculate standard and metric measurement of parts.
  • Must have good communication skills both written and verbal so as to handle clients effectively.
  • They must be reliable enough to deal with automobile inconsistencies and damages.

Auto Shop Service Manager Educational Qualifications:

  • A minimum high school degree is a must.
  • A graduation certificate on business management is highly preferable.
  • On-job training on auto shops to understand the knitty-gritty of the job along with the process by which services are being delivered to clients.

Auto Shop Service Manager Salary:

The annual income of an Auto Shop Service Manager is around $42,000 to $70,000. People working for large companies have ample variations in their salary and chances of getting into higher positions are also fair.

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