Automobile Detailer Job Description

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Automobile detailer job description and profile

The job of an automobile detailer is to maintain and repair automobiles. He cleans, waxes, repairs broken glasses, erases scratches and polishes automobiles. In short, his job is to se that old cars appear new under his administration. He may either be employed in garages and workshops or automobile companies.

Automobile detailer duties and responsibilities

  • Cleans and washes cars with special techniques such as pressure cleaning whenever required
  • Providing high quality service for the cars such that they perform with utmost efficiency both internally and externally
  • Ensure that old cars get back their shine
  • Repairing or replacing broken windshield and other car components
  • Undertaking thorough cleaning of internal and external parts, carpets and seat cushions
  • May have to pick up cars from client’s place or drop repaired cars to respective locations
  • Preparing necessary documents such as RO or Repair Order and have it fully filled up
  • May have to travel for various car requirements such as leathering, cushioning and purchase of components
  • Providing Outstanding customer service

Automobile detailer skills and specifications

  • Outstanding knowledge about repair and maintenance of automobiles
  • Strong technical knowledge about sue of various equipments and products such as resins, chemicals and detergents in used in cleaning and repairing cars
  • Excellent knowledge about use of tools and equipment
  • Excellent understanding about safety precaution
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Excellent communication and customer service ethics
  • Outstanding time management skills
  • Must be a Excellent team player
  • May have to train mechanics in automobile detailing works

Automobile detailer education and qualification

  • High school diploma followed by vocational course in automobile management and maintenance
  • Associate’s degree in automobile engineering is very useful
  • Experience of 3 years in the field of automobiles is required

Automobile detailer salary

Salary ranges between $20,000 and $45,000 with the average salary being $30,000 annually.

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