Bicycle Repairer Job Description

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Bicycle Repairer Job Profile and Description

Among biking enthusiasts, minor and routine gear adjustments as well as maintaining the right tire pressures can easily be done at home. But for restoring damaged bikes, they are best worked on by experienced Bicycle Repairers who are often employed in most sporting goods shops. Also called bicycle mechanics or bike repairmen, they can also repair stationary bikes designed for home workouts.

Bicycle Repairer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Discuss with client regarding complaint on bicycle.
  • Examine bicycle to confirm client complaint and present indicative repair cost estimates.
  • Disassemble bike axles to adjust, repair or replace defective parts, using prescribed hand tools.
  • Install, repair, and replace bicycle ancillary components like handlebars, stands, reflectors, lights, side view mirrors and seats.
  • Perform reshaping of replacement parts with the use of bench grinders.
  • Perform wheel alignment and adjustment of speed and gear mechanisms.
  • For new bikes, inventory and assemble bike parts and components according to manufacturer’s assembly instructions and specifications.
  • Repair punctures in tire tubes using patches and scrapers.
  • Using welding rods and oxyacetylene torches, weld broken or cracked bike frames together.
  • Apply paint coats on bicycle frames using brushes or spray guns.
  • Observe work schedules and prompt attendance to ensure productivity
  • Attend shop floor productivity and quality improvement programs.

Bicycle Repairer Skills and Specifications

  • Above average comprehension skills to understand instructions and directions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Bicycle Repairer Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma is basic.
  • 2-3 years experience in similar repair work in bike repairs is an advantage

Bicycle Repairer Salary

The average annual wage for salaried Bicycle Repairer is $13 per hour or $25000 per annum. The salary varies depending on the state and the extent of the repair business.

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