Camera Photographic Equipment Repairer Job Description

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Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer Job Profile and Description

Also known as a camera repair technician or photo equipment technician, the Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer is trained to maintain, clean, adjust and overhaul both professional and consumer cameras. Some are trained to specialize in film-based or digital cameras or both. This specialization extends to video cams and movie cameras.

Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Discuss with client to ascertain probable cause of product complaint to arrive at estimates on repair costs.
  • Examine camera equipment and verify complaint.
  • Disassemble camera to confirm complaint and get access to defective parts.
  • Adjust photographic mechanisms such as range and view finders, light meters, auto focusing systems, shutters, and lens systems, as required.
  • Perform cleaning and lubrication of moving parts
  • Polish camera lenses using prescribed cleaning materials.
  • Order camera replacement components, assemblies or parts
  • Assemble camera with the new parts and perform tests on all critical functions to include lens focusing mechanism, electronic storage and software if digital, diaphragm alignment, and film transport, etc., using precision gauges and instruments.
  • Conduct final test by capturing images and check if output is as expected based on camera setting.
  • Advice customer to pick up repaired camera and finalize payment transaction.

Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer Skills and Specifications

  • Above average comprehension skills to understand instructions and directions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma with adequate experience in camera maintenance is basic while a post secondary course is an advantage.
  • A post secondary course in photographic technologies, electronics or computers is an advantage.
  • 2-3 years experience in similar repair work is an added advantage

Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairer Salary

The average annual wage for salaried Camera/Photographic Equipment Repairers is $20 per hour or $37,000 annually.

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