Computer Maintenance Job Description

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Computer Maintenance Job Profile and Description

Computer is most probably the most common thing of present days. Whenever you go, you will find computers. No matter in to a residential house, a shop or a company; absolutely wherever you go, you will find computers and if you go to a big company, then you will find hundreds of computers in a row. Computer is an electronics machine and it needs maintenance in regular interval to keep it in a proper condition. The person, who is posted as computer maintenance executive has to take care of all the computers of that particular facility.

Computer Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • Each and every computer of the facility is in perfect working condition. The computer maintenance executive has to make this sure. This is his or her prime responsibility.
  • If any of the computers of the company gives any kind of trouble, then the computer maintenance executive has to short out the problem as quick as possible.

Computer Maintenance Skills and Specifications

  • The computer maintenance executive should possess great skills in both hardware and software. If there is any hardware related problem, then he or she has to solve that and if there is any software related problem then he or she is the person, who is going to solve that.
  • He or she should have troubleshooting skills, so that he or she can detect the fault easily and solve accordingly.

Computer Maintenance Education and Qualification

  • You should have a professional degree in hardware and maintenance, in order to get a job of computer maintenance executive.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, then you can also go for the job of computer maintenance.

Computer Maintenance Job Salary

The general range in which the salary of this job comes is $4000-$6000 monthly.

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