Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Description

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Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Profile and Description

The house, you are staying in is needs to be maintained everyday, if you don’t maintain the house properly, then that will lose its beauty. Similarly, every other facility also needs maintenance, if we don’t maintain those facilities then those also lose their decorum, within very few days. So, there is a facility maintenance manager job post for every facility.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The total maintenance of the facility is the duty and responsibility of the facility maintenance manager.
  • He or she has to ensure proper care of every kind of maintenance the facility needs.
  • He or she has to engage different person in different kind of maintenance job and make sure that the facility is maintained in a proper manner.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Skills and Specification

  • First of all, a facility maintenance manage must possess idea about every different types of maintenance a facility requires.
  • After that, he or she must possess a very strong managerial quality as he or she has to lead a team of facility maintenance executives.
  • He or she must be very punctual and a minute observer.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Education and Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in any of the disciplines is enough for a facility maintenance job.
  • If you have a master’s degree and particularly a master’s degree in business management, then you have the advantage to get the job of a facility maintenance manager post.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Salary

The more experience you possess as a facility maintenance manger, the better salary you would expect from this job. However, the salary of a facility maintenance manager comes in a range of $4500 -$7500 per month.

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