Garbage Man Job Description

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Garbage Man Job Profile and Description

A garbage man is a contract worker who is employed by the municipal corporation or the authorized organization of a place to collect wastes from specific locations and empty them into the main garbage collection pit or transfer them into a recycling plant. He has to work along a chosen route on a daily basis. The garbage is generally dumped by the neighborhood houses that consist of biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances. It is his responsibility to differentiate the two types of refuse and to disband them in the right place for further treatment and utilization. He may have to drive to work at very early morning in the day and ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness of the designated places.

Garbage Man Duties and Responsibilities

Thus the garbage man needs to be aware of the following duties and tasks:

  • Driving a truck or some other vehicle around places assigned to him by the municipality
  • Collecting trash from various locales surrounding residential houses, industries, commercial regions and chemical plants with a shovel
  • Sorting out the recyclable and non-recyclable ingredients of the trash
  • Identifying the hazardous and radioactive components in the dump
  • Transporting the collected trash to a landfill where all other wastes are dumped or to a recycling unit for reuse depending on the nature of the refuse
  • Burning and destroying the non-usable and non-hazardous wastes in a secured place

Garbage Man Skills and Specifications

The skill requirements of a garbage man have been sorted out in the following:

  • Driving skill to drive a vehicle every time to and from work
  • Extensive knowledge about protected use, maintenance and maneuver of the tools
  • Comprehension skill to easily understand and grasp written and oral instructions given to them
  • Interpersonal skill to keep cordial relationship with co-workers and clients
  • Standard writing skill to keep written records
  • Geographical knowledge required for easy movement on the roads of the city
  • Adaptability skill, by far the most important one, for acclimatizing with foul odors, unhygienic places and odd working hours

Garbage Man Education and Qualifications

The garbage man does not have to qualify very high levels of education or possess extensive work experience in this field. The only mandatory requirements are:

  • High school diploma with good understanding in English will prove to be helpful.
  • Commercial driver’s license is required

Garbage Man Salary

The average annual salary of a garbage man in US is $30,000.

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