General Maintenance and Repair Job Description

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General Maintenance and Repair Job Profile and Description

General maintenance and repair workers are trained to carry out repair work of a line of equipments that are used in hardware stores and plants producing electronics, plumbing goods, electrical wires and in construction and carpentry work. They may have to deal with malfunctioning instruments, machines that are out of order and items which have been crashed by an accident. The concerned job encompasses a wide spectrum of professional work. Therefore the worker has to allow room for continued penetration of knowledge in course of the job on a daily basis. The protection and restoration of all technical tools is conducted by him.

General Maintenance and Repair Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties that the general maintenance and repair worker has to perform are:

  • Assembling and installing wires, pipes, electrical components
  • Maintaining and steadying installed items
  • Cutting and welding disjointed parts
  • Cleaning and greasing rusted parts of equipments
  • Removing damaged components and dismantling affected parts
  • Painting and plastering roofs, walls, doors, windows, floors
  • Checking screws, bolts, nuts, motors, belts, shafts, bearings, gears and replacing the non-functional ones
  • Preparing blueprints, manuals and plans of repair work
  • Confirming the checklist of work
  • Ordering suppliers for parts
  • Maintaining record of the supplies and orders
  • Estimating construction and repair costs
  • Monitoring and testing machines
  • Fixing failed sources with hand tools like hammer, drill, screwdriver

General Maintenance and Repair Skills and Specifications

The general maintenance and repair worker must be equipped with the following technical and non-technical skills:

  • Vast knowledge about use and maintenance of machines and safety practices
  • Interpersonal skill to handle different clients and to meet client requirements and satisfaction
  • Writing skill required for writing reports and communicating with others in English
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills function to determine and solve technical problems arising on a daily basis
  • Ability to meet deadline for completion of tasks on time
  • Manual dexterity contributing in eye-hand coordination
  • Computer skill necessitated in computer-controlled and automated systems

General Maintenance and Repair Education and Qualifications

The educational criterion set for the job is very basic which must include:

  • High school degree in drawing, science and mathematics
  • On-the-job training in technical work or on specific maintenance or repair work is essential
  • Professional certification on specific maintenance and repair job

General Maintenance and Repair Salary

The mean annual salary is $37,000 and the average hourly wage is $20

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