Maintenance Engineer Job Description

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Maintenance Engineer Job Profile and Description

If you think about the maintenance of you home, then the picture of the maids will come to your mind. Yes, a maid may be enough to maintain a house, but when it comes to the maintenance of big companies having heavy machinery, and then a maid is not at all enough for the maintenance. There are requirements of very skillful people to maintain that heavy machinery in particular. The job of a maintenance engineer is to take care of the maintenance work of the machinery and equipments of a big company in particular.

Maintenance Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • All the technical maintenance of the facility in which a technical engineer is posted, is of him or her.
  • He or she needs to keep the entire technical equipments of the facility, always in working condition.
  • If any equipment needs any kind of the technical maintenance, then he or she will be the person, who will be responsible for that.

Maintenance Engineer Skills and Specifications

  • A maintenance engineer needs to possess technical skill of very high quality.
  • He or she needs to be a troubleshooter of very high caliber, as he or she has to do all kind of troubleshooting activity.

Maintenance Engineer Education and Qualification

  • A maintenance engineer must possess a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, preferably.
  • If you have got a diploma in mechanical engineering, then you can also go for a maintenance engineer post.
  • If you have some past experience in this particular job, then that will be good for you at the time of getting a new job.

Maintenance Engineer Job Salary

  • The salary of a maintenance engineer depends upon his previous experience.
  • The general salary range is $3000-$7500 monthly.

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