Maintenance of Solar Power Plant Job Description

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Maintenance of solar power plant job description and profile

Solar power is fast becoming one of the major sources of power production not just in the United States but in different parts of the world and hence, maintenance personnel are in demand. Maintenance personnel of solar power plants take care of ensuring that the solar panels, electrical converters, power grids and all other paraphernalia associated with solar power production are performing with optimum efficiency. They lead one of many teams of technicians, workers and engineers.

Maintenance of solar power plant duties and responsibilities

  • Understanding the requirements of solar power plant maintenance
  • Examining equipment and deciding on maintenance procedure
  • Planning and scheduling maintenance drives and ensuring that they take place on time
  • Allocating responsibilities to employees of maintenance department and ensuring that the work is of high quality
  • Preparing budgets for maintenance
  • Ensuring that all safety measures are installed for maintenance jobs since high volts of current are involved
  • Since solar power is a relatively new technique, maintenance managers need to provide training by conducting workshop, seminars and maintenance drills
  • Ensuring that health and safety of workers are not compromised in the power plant premises
  • Providing solutions to problems in times of accidents or problem with power plant components
  • Documenting maintenance activities and presenting reports to managers

Maintenance of solar power plant skills and specifications

  • Strong knowledge about maintenance of solar power plants
  • Ability to regularly upgrade knowledge about solar power plants
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Excellent planning and scheduling abilities
  • Excellent troubleshooting and decision making skills
  • Strong knowledge about safety precautions

Maintenance of solar power plant education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in science with specialization in solar power generation
  • Diploma in solar power generation following bachelor’s degree in science is preferred
  • 5 to 8 years experience of work in power plants is desired

Maintenance of solar power plant salary

Salary ranges between $55,000 and $125,000 annually

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