Maintenance Supply Specialist Job Description

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Maintenance supply specialist job description and profile

Maintenance supply specialist maintains all the supplies of the organization and undertakes discharge orders. He ensures that the inventory is well stocked and there is sufficient material to take up immediate supplies. Supply stock can be of any variety depending on the organization. It can range from automotive parts, weapons in the defense forces to food grains. Maintenance specialist has to ensure that supplies are safely stored and dispatched.

Maintenance supply specialist duties and responsibilities

  • Maintaining the inventory stock and ensuring safety
  • Getting the inventory premises cleaned regularly and maintaining hygienic surroundings
  • Dispatching stock to various companies as per order
  • Making sure that the supply reaches in time
  • Making sure that the vehicles used for transport are licensed and have all proper licenses
  • Ensuring that all the legal formalities are fulfilled before dispatching the supplies
  • Documenting all the papers carefully
  • Making sure that the products in the inventory are high in quality
  • May have to undertake a lot of traveling to meet prospective clients
  • Sending out bills and invoiced for the goods to be discharged
  • Ensuring that the inventory staff is well trained and uphold safety of the merchandize
  • Allotting duties and responsibilities to staff and support staff

Maintenance supply specialist skills and specifications

  • Outstanding management and leadership qualities
  • Knowledge about safety measures regarding storage and supply of goods
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships with clients
  • Awareness about all the legal procedures, licenses and permits involved in dispatching goods
  • Excellent communication skills
  • must be highly organized and efficient in work
  • Excellent understanding about finance and accounting

Maintenance supply specialist education and qualification

  • High school graduation followed by diploma or associate‚Äôs degree in a particular field
  • Experience of 5-7 years is requisite

Maintenance supply specialist salary

On an average salary ranges between $60,000 and $120,000 depending upon experience and place of work

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