Motorcycle Mechanic Job Description

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Motorcycle Mechanic Job Profile and Description

The repair and servicing for motorized bikes is best left in the capable hands of veteran Motorcycle Mechanics who have made a career in repairing and overhauling motorcycles and scooters along with three-wheeled vehicles. They can be freelance mechanics operating their own repair shops or in repair centers specializing on motorcycles and small engine 3-wheelers.

Motorcycle Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Following inspection, repair or adjust parts that do not work properly or replace unfixable subassemblies like transmissions, forks, brakes, and drive chains, in accordance with user manual specifications.
  • Replace defective parts after having found them, using power hand tools as well as arbor presses and flexible power presses.
  • Checking motorcycle frames and listen to engines to confirm malfunction or damage as complained about.
  • Confer with customers to determine nature and extent of damage or malfunction.
  • Disassemble as required when performing repairs, reassemble and test subassembly performance.
  • Follow manufacturer’s repair checklist that usually includes detailed check up and cleaning of brakes, fuel injection systems, electrical systems, carburetors, plugs, and other parts.
  • Ordering parts directly from manufacturers if not available from local shops.
  • Complete job documentation with work done and parts replaced for proper billing and record up keep.

Motorcycle Mechanic Skills and Specifications

  • Should not be afraid of getting grease over hands and body during the repair
  • Should be in good medical and physical health
  • Should possess excellent command of motorcycle engine and parts
  • Should be able to explain to customers the nature of problem and parts that need to be replaced

Motorcycle Mechanic Education and Qualifications

A high school diploma and 2-3 years of apprenticeship with a seasoned motorcycle mechanic may be adequate but a post secondary diploma or associate degree in mechanical engineering from a community college or vocational school is ideal

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

The average wage of motorcycle mechanics is $17 per hour, compared with $19-$20 for all installation, maintenance, and repair occupations. The middle 50% earned between $14 and $20 with the lowest 10% earning about $10, and the highest 10% earning $26.

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