Refrigeration Mechanic Job Description

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Refrigeration Mechanic Job Profile and Description

As the name suggests, a refrigeration mechanic makes, repairs, installs, and maintains commercial, residential and industrial refrigerator systems. A refrigerator mechanic works both for residential purposed refrigerators as well as laboratory environment equipped refrigerators. They are highly expertise professionals who are efficiently skilled in repairing any damage into the equipment. They also use refrigerated gases to recharge systems.

Refrigeration Mechanic Job Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties and responsibilities are generally performed by a refrigeration mechanic:

  • They help in the servicing of refrigerators. They also make, repair, install and device these gadgets.
  • They cut; connect and measure piping using brazing and welding equipments.
  • Connects rooftop units to test and balance the gas systems.
  • Connect various electrical systems associated with the refrigeration system
  • Solder parts to repair defective parts
  • Read blueprints to determine the capacity, size, location and kinds and types of components needed to rebuild a refrigeration system
  • Insulates cabinet and shells of systems and solving issues related to compressors and motors
  • They need to make work estimates for clients sometimes

Refrigeration Mechanic Job Skills and Specifications

A refrigerator mechanic must possess certain skills and specifications. They are

  • A refrigerator mechanic must have excellent technical skills and should possess a thorough knowledge of the gadget he is working on
  • Ability to adjust and use computerized controls and should possess adequate knowledge of computer software for calculation of loads.
  • They should possess excellent skill of customer care servicing.

Refrigeration Mechanic Job Education and Qualifications

The following points enumerate a refrigeration mechanic’s educational qualification:

  • Applicants require at least a high school level diploma or GED to understand the functionality of the job.
  • Training on refrigeration is offered by a number of trade and technical schools. A degree from a well recognized school is important for been eligible for the post at industries.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree on subjects like electronics, applied physics and chemistry, computer science, mathematics or any such related fields are given an edge in handling industry refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Mechanic Salary:

A refrigeration mechanic gets salary on average about $40,000 and $55,000 per annum. However, commercial mechanics are paid on hourly basis. Generally wholesalers and the local government pay well, while the incentives of the building contractors are not so high. Self employed refrigeration mechanics have however got a large earning prospect.

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