Section Manager Mechanical Maintenance Job Description

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Section Manager-Mechanical Maintenance job description and profile

Section manager-mechanical maintenance job comprises of managing all maintenance works of a particular segment of the company allotted to him. He supervises the work of maintenance and formulates plans and strategies for efficient and effective mechanical maintenance.

Section Manager-Mechanical Maintenance duties and responsibilities

  • Supervising employees to ensure efficient maintenance works
  • Examining machines that break down and providing repair solutions
  • Analyzing the cause of breakdown and ensuring that it does not happen again
  • Makes schedule for maintenance works
  • Plan shifting or transportation of machinery whenever required
  • Ensure that safety precautions are followed in installation, maintenance and working of mechanical element of the company
  • Handling worker problems and communicating to management
  • Implement safety rules and regulations
  • Conduct workshops to upgrade worker’s skills in maintenance
  • Evaluate requirement of new machines or possible upgrade of existing machinery
  • Plan out budget for maintenance of all mechanical components
  • When new machines are required, performing market survey and recommending the best buy for company situation

Skill improvements of maintenance operators. Imparting training to Associates & Trainees to improve their skill sets. – Root cause analysis of the problems & deploying the corrective actions for the same Implementing quality systems like ISO 9000, 140001, JDQPS. – Spare planning & vendor development for critical spares.

Section Manager-Mechanical Maintenance skills and specifications

  • Outstanding knowledge about mechanical engineering and maintenance works
  • Strong knowledge about safety standards prescribed by federal laws
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to spot problems and troubleshoot
  • Outstanding observation and analytical skills
  • Excellent time management, planning and scheduling skills
  • Ability to continuously upgrade knowledge and skill

Section Manager-Mechanical Maintenance education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with 3 to 5 years experience is basic
  • Diploma in mechanical engineering with 5 to 10 years experience gives an added advantage

Section Manager-Mechanical Maintenance salary

  • Salary ranges between $60,000 to $120,000 based on education, experience and place of work

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