Small Engine Mechanic Job Description

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Small Engine Mechanic Job Profile and Description

A small engine mechanic has limited expertise and thus his skill is more centralized. The expertise and skills are mainly utilized in understanding the source of a problem in one type of equipment and resolving the problem with known techniques. The equipment is usually a motorboat or motor-cycle or any power equipment which runs by motor. The mechanical and technical defaults in the machines are identified, addressed, administered and mended by the small engine mechanic. Since the job has specificity, the quality of the job is expected to be high with these professionals being exclusively trained to handle a particular type of motorized equipment in industries or in homes.

Small Engine Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

The chief components of the job have been dissected in the following section:

  • Maintaining and repairing gasoline enabled machines that are used in the engines of household or commercial equipments
  • Aligning and adjusting valves, bulbs, distributors, brakes, wires, plugs, pumps, gears, pistons, incubators and gauges
  • Overhauling and refitting engine parts after repair and maintenance
  • Recording the date and time of last repair and maintenance work and the parts used
  • Cleaning and lubricating joints
  • Regulation and ensuring safety of ignition points and gas cylinders
  • Interacting with customers to note down their problems
  • Estimating overhead costs and expenses involved in repair work
  • Inspecting engines regularly
  • Guiding customers on how to maintain equipments and clean parts
  • Removing useless machinery and reinstating new parts

Small Engine Mechanic Skills and Specifications

The most important skills and specifications that form an integral part of a small engine mechanic’s job are:

  • Good reading ability and comprehension skill as the job requires understanding of manuals and description of problems
  • Good writing ability for documenting repair specifications
  • Great degree of knowledge about machines and hand tools
  • Analytical thinking with which deficiencies can be identified and likely problems can be predicted
  • Hand dexterity for steadiness of hand and coordination with body
  • Leadership skill opens scope for promotion to supervisory jobs
  • Sales skill prompts one to open mechanic shops

Small Engine Mechanic Education and Qualifications

The education and training requirements have been demonstrated here:

  • High school diploma with credits in Science, English, Mathematics
  • Apprenticeship or in-school training for a stipulated duration is essential

Small Engine Mechanic Salary

The average per hour rate is $20.00 for fully competent small engine mechanics.

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