Store Maintenance Job Description

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Store Maintenance Job Profile and Description

Every thing requires maintenance to look or work properly and a store is no different. Every store has to be maintained properly to look good. A good looking store attracts more customers than an ill looking store. So, the store managers generally deploy people to do the maintenance of a store. If you are applying for a store maintenance job, then you should be ready to every kind of maintenance job a store requires.

Store Maintenance Duties and Responsibility

  • All the responsibility of maintenance of a store is on the shoulders of the store maintenance executive.
  • As a store maintenance executive, your first duty will to maintain the store in a healthy shape always. You have to do that well within the time frame given by the store manager.

Store Maintenance Skills and Specifications

  • In order to get or successfully complete a job of store manager executive, you should have skills in maintaining a facility like a store.
  • You may have to possess some technical ability also, as you have to do little technical job required to be done inside the store.

Store Maintenance Education and Qualification

  • You don’t have to possess any high degree to apply for a store maintenance executive job. Educational qualification does not matter more for a store maintenance executive post.
  • The more educational qualification you have got, the better is the chance of getting the job. If you have any technical degree, then that could help you to get the store maintenance executive post easily.

Store Maintenance Job Salary

The salary you will get as a store maintenance executive depends upon many factors like your experience, your skills and your company. The more is your experience, the better is the salary, you will get. Salary range is $1500-$3000 per month.


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