Brand Director Job Profile and Description

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Marketing the product and services of a business is often a tricky task to do. Therefore, brand directors are appointed by the business for giving proper direction to the team responsible for brand promotion and sales and marketing of the business. Their central role is to propose the strategies that would effectively help in creating public awareness about the business and its products on the concern market and customers. Hence, such an individual must have the ability to understand the business and making proper coordination of the team through effective direction.

Brand Director Duties and Responsibilities:

The job of a brand director seeks the following duties and responsibilities from the concern individual to perform:

  • Creating and developing business plans that are effective for brand promotion
  • Researching and assisting brand strategist for developing useful strategies for brand promotion or modifying the existing ones.
  • Directing the entire sales and marketing team in order to bring potential improvement in the particular ongoing process of brand promotion.
  • Identifying the need and demand of the targeted customers in the market and preparing reports based on it.
  • Potential of analyzing the market position of the business as well.
  • Ensure to maintain the business standards while making a brand promotion
  • Motivating subordinates and staffs in order to bring improvement in the brand image.

Brand Director Skills and Specifications:

A brand director should essentially possess following skills and specifications in order to excel in the particular job.

  • Strong skill of directing is an essential prerequisite for acquiring such a job position
  • Fervent skill of leadership quality and handling the big teams
  • Must possess strong skill of communication (both written and verbal) in order to present the views, direction and assistance essentially to the concern individuals.


Brand Director Education and Qualifications:

A brand director should essentially achieve following education and qualifications in order to meet the potential need of the business.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Post graduation degree in Business Administration or Management with specialization in Sales and Marketing, Branding Management and Marketing, Brand Development
  • Professional degree in Brand Development and Management
  • On-Job experiences of handling sales and marketing of a business

Brand Director Salary:

The average salary of a brand director usually ranges between $75,000 and $110,000 per annum, though it varies according to the brand image and its scope.

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