Brand Strategist Job Profile and Description

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Brand strategist plays one of the important roles in any business. They are responsible for making strategies and plans for new innovations in order to enhance the growth of the business and successfully promoting the brand of the same. Through thorough research and data collection, they understand the brand position of their competitors and by understanding the trend of the market they propose strategies that are beneficial for the business. This way they could also forecast the near future trend in the market.

Brand Strategist Duties and Responsibilities:

Despite of the kind of brand a strategist has to promote, the work activities remain invariably same for all. They are as follows:

  • Understanding the latest trend in the market
  • Identifying the loopholes in present strategies used for promoting a particular brand
  • Soliciting the details found through research in comparison of the contemporaries
  • Building up short term or long term strategies according to the need of the business
  • Coordinating with the brand managers and directors in order to identify the potential opportunities available for improvement.
  • Proposing the strategies and process of following it to his subordinates
  • Sharing ideas with the business associates and collaborators for implementing the build strategies
  • Must ensure constant changes so that the existing strategies does not seems monotonous to the intended customers.

Brand Strategist Skills and Specifications:

A brand strategist should essentially possess the following skills and specifications in order to deliver high performance and explore various opportunities for a particular company.

  • Should have strong skill of communication, both verbal and written
  • Should have the potential to analyze, with some reasonable accuracy, the present market and the trends followed by other similar brands.
  • Potential of making the concern authority convinced of the strategies built for brand promotion

Brand Strategist Education and Qualifications:

Brand strategist does require enormous education and qualifications in order to implement their know-how in the working front. Therefore, some of the essential degrees are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
  • Masters degree in Business Management with specialization in Sales and Marketing and brand management is highly preferable
  • Professional degree in Marketing and Brand Management
  • On-job experiences as brand communicator or strategist

Brand Strategist Salary:

The average salary of a brand strategist is between $50,000- $75,000. However, it differs according to the company and its budget for promoting the brand.

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