Rental Clerk Job Profile and Description

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Rental clerk is appointed in leasing or rental businesses which meets the need of another business or individual in providing rent or lease of those items which they does not wish to buy. The job role of these clerks is to meet the customer query and giving details regarding the availability of a required product and its specifications along with cost. They are required to perform task specific to a particular leasing or rental operation.

Rental Clerk Duties and Responsibilities:

Rental clerk may be appointed at various business but few of their working activities remain unaltered. They are as follows:

  • Responsible for calculating charges for services or merchandise
  • Receiving payments from the lessee or tenant
  • Recommending the products and services available for providing on rent
  • Keeping the records of all business transactions, and entering the name of the businesses who are taking services
  • Preparing suitable rental forms which can be served as legal document
  • Supervising and adjusting the items to be provided on rent according to customer’s need
  • Receiving the orders of the services from customers and accepting the returns of the rendered services as well.
  • Providing valuable advises to the customers regarding the maintenance and use of merchandise.
  • Discussing, in detail, with the customers the specification of the product and services available.

Rental Clerk Skills and Specifications:

Some of the noteworthy skills and specifications that a rental clerk must possess are as follows:

  • The concern individual must possess the ability of listening to others effectively along with a proficient skill of communication.
  • Should be keen in maintaining the records of all the customers and must have the ability to organize all information potentially as well.
  • Must have the potential to maintain strong customer relationship

Rental Clerk Education and Qualifications:

A rental clerk must possess sufficient education and qualifications specific to the business. Therefore, following degrees and qualifications are anticipated from the concern individual:

  • Bachelors degree in Commerce with specialization in Sales and Marketing
  • Associate degree in customer servicing or clerkship programs
  • On-job experiences through rental clerkship

Rental Clerk Salary:

The average salary of a rental clerk is around $15,000 -$25,000 per annum. Rental clerks employed in temporary basis gets an average wage of $10.50 per working hour. However, pay-scale largely depends on the scope of the business and the experience of the concerned employee.

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