Audit Manager Job Description

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Audit Manager Job Description and Profile

An audit manager heads finance, accounts or audit division of an company. He is responsible for overseeing the complete process of audit checks, balance sheets, accounts and other financial matters. He along with his team tally revenue spent with revenue earned and thereafter calculates the profit earned. An audit manger plays a very important administrative role wherein he along with audit and accounts, is responsible for a healthy work environment. He also supervises the annual job presentation reports of junior staff.

Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • An audit manger is the financial aide of an company who helps them in sailing during the tough times
  • After a thorough annual audit check the next fiscal years’ guidelines are presented to management by audit manager
  • An audit manager is responsible for the training of junior auditors and other staff of accounts division
  • He is responsible for preparation of annual balance sheets for the company and carries out audit check on the budget spent
  • Before conducting and audit check he cheeks the previous records of audits and communicates with the head of the divisions of other divisions
  • He is responsible for checking the staffing and personnel requirements for the division

Audit Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

An audit Manager should have a degree in finance and accounts. Along with the basic education qualification An Audit Manger should have sound experience and thorough subject expertise and he should be computer savvy person. Masters in Accountancy adds value to the credentials of an audit manager. If he is working in IT sector than the person should have complete knowledge of the technology.

Audit Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

An audit Manager should have certification from Financial Service Auditor, Information system auditor, CPA or internal auditor. He should have membership of any professional accountancy body

Audit Manager Skills and Specifications

  • An auditor manager should be a dedicated person who takes initiative in his area of work
  • He should be a good team leader and a team motivator
  • As this is a complex calculative job a person should be highly competitive and should have good reasoning and logical ability
  • Good documentation skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Audit Manager’s Salary/Wage

An Audit Manger’s salary ranges from $75,000 to $135,000 annually as per his experience and the company he works for.

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