Chef Manager Job Description

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Chef Manager Job Description and Profile

Chef Manger is an important designation in any eatery / restaurant he is the one who decides the success of any restaurant or a hotel. A Chef Manger Must be a good team leader who Must know the technical expertise of the team and requirement of the eatery. One Must have full control over the pilferage and inventory of perishable and non perishable items. Exec Chef Must be a balance between a good mix of Creativity and Consistency of the quality of the food. Exec chef Must have a sound knowledge about taste/trend, budget and resource. Exec Chef Must possess the good knowledge of the history of the different cuisines. As a Chef Manger one Must have a palate for fusion of different cuisines as the neo trend talks about globalization in all walks including taste.

Chef Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chef Manger is responsible of entire food production/ presentation and budgeting.
  • Responsible for recruiting and staffing of entire staff of the food production.
  • Responsible for creating the standard operating procedures for food production
  • create the menu
  • Budgeting Must be paramount as the bottom line of any business lies in the profit it makes
  • Must have sound knowledge of the food culture and celebration of the region for creating any events.

Chef Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

A chef Manager Must ideally be culinary schools pass out as he gets a thorough knowledge about culinary skills, budgeting and hospitality management skills. An on the job training is the best experience what a Manager can attain as cooking involves more of practical knowledge than class room teaching.

Chef Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

A chef manager starts his career as an entry level worker in a hotel or eatery, and with experience he gain knowledge about food and different sections of the kitchen, and after gaining knowledge in culinary techniques and variety of food he climbs the ladder, more than certifications on the job training is vital here.

Chef Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must have sound knowledge of various cuisines
  • Must have good knowledge about preserving the food for better
  • Must have an experience to manage a team of cooks.
  • Need to have good training in retaining food value while cooking

Chef Managers Salary/Wage

A chef manager’s salary ranges from $25,000 to$ 70,000 annually.

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